Terms of Service

OctaHost - Term Of Services

Octahost maintains whatever authority is needed to deny assistance and/or access to its servers to anybody. It does not permit to host substance or connections advancing any religion or order. Following contents are likewise not permitted to have.

1. Illegal Material

This incorporates copyrighted contents, mercantile audio, video, or music records, and any material infringing upon any Federal, State or Local control.

2. Adult Material

It includes all smut, sexual pictures, or generally indecent or revolting substance. The assignment of "adult material" is left completely to the circumspection of Octahost.

3. Warez

It incorporates pirated programming, ROMS, emulators, bugging, and password splitting, IP parodying, and so forth and scrambling of any of the above. Likewise incorporates any locales which give "links to" or "how to" data about such content.


Octahost has zero resilience for UBE/UCE (unsolicited bulk Email/unsolicited commercial Email). This approach ensures our clients and also the web group from the negative impacts of "spam" related actions. We characterizes UBE/UCE as unsolicited broadcast or commercial Email that is sent to locations that don't positively and certifiably demand such material from that particular sender. We characterizes spam as a spontaneous Email utilized for any reason. Any spontaneous Email being sent will bring about suspension or end of the culpable account. We take a zero resistance position against sending of spontaneous Email and different types of spam. This incorporates, yet is not constrained to:

  1. Utilizing a return Email address that doesn't exist when sending business solicitations.
  2. Mail-bombing (sending various messages to a similar client).
  3. Subscribing another person to a mailing list without that individual's consent.
  4. Posting a similar article to different newsgroups.
  5. Using another system to send spam that relates in any capacity to octahost or any site facilitated by octahost (counting your site).
  6. If a customer is found disregarding this no-spam approach, the culpable account will be ended with no notice and no refund will be given.

5. Email Usage Limits

There is a 300 active Email hourly farthest point per space. This breaking point is likewise applied to MAILING Lists too. In the event that you send over this sum in any hour, a large portion of the Emails will bob back with an undeliverable erratum. On the off chance that this happens, it will then set aside some time for your record to have the capacity to send again so we suggest holding up no less than 1 hour after this issue jumps out to start sending Email once more.


All services given by octahost may just be utilized for legal purposes. The client consents to indemnify and hold octahost innocuous from any cases coming about because of the utilization of our services. Utilization of our services to encroach upon any copyright or trademark is precluded. This incorporates yet is not restricted to unapproved replicating of music, books, photos, or whatever other copyrighted work. The offer of selling of any fake stock of a trademark holder or host any sort of religious substance will bring about the prompt end of your account. On the off chance that you think that your copyright or trademark is being encroached upon, please email to octahost with the data required. Examples of unsuitable material on all Shared and Reseller servers include:

  1. Religious websites (Any kind of religious substance and utilization of writings or customs of religion to scorn or stun).
  2. Political Substance.
  3. Music, Songs and replication of Pirated books, photos, or whatever other copyrighted work.
  4. Selling and advancing drugs, any kind of medications, liquor or tobacco items.
  5. Running or advancing Gambling Websites.
  6. Hacker centered websites/documents/projects or spreading any sort of Viruses.
  7. Sites advancing unlawful exercises.
  8. Sale of any controlled substance without earlier verification of suitable permit(s).
  9. Illegal Software/Warez.
  10. Telecast or Streaming of Live Sports Events or TV Channels.
  11. Forums and sites that disseminate or connect to warez/pilfered/unlawful substance.
  12. Picture Hosting Scripts (like Photobucket or Tinypic).
  13. Document Dump/Mirror Scripts.
  14. Mail Bombers/SPAM Scripts.
  15. Proxy longhand/Anonymity.
  16. IRC Scripts/Bots.
  17. AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC destinations.
  18. IP Scanners.
  19. Bruteforce Programs/Applications/Scripts.
  20. Banner-Ad benefits.
  21. Commercial Audio Streaming (more than maybe a couple streams).
  22. IEscrow/Bank Debentures.
  23. High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or Related websites.
  24. Investment websites.
  25. Bank Debentures/Bank Debenture Trading Programs.
  26. Fraudulent websites (Including, however not restricted to locales recorded at aa419.org and escrow-fraud.com).


Assets are characterized as bandwidth as well as processor use. octahost may execute the accompanying approach to its sole circumspection. When a site is observed to be cornering the assets accessible octahost claims all authority to suspend that site quickly. This approach is just executed in extraordinary conditions and is planned to keep the abuse of our servers.

Users may not:

  1. UUse half or a greater amount of framework assets for more than 60 seconds. There are various exercises that could bring about such issues; these include: CGI scripts, PHP, FTP, ASP, .NET, HTTP, and so on.
  2. Run cron sections and booked undertakings with interims of under 20 minutes.
  3. Run any MySQL or MS SQL inquiries more than 15 seconds. Databases tables ought to be filed fittingly.
  4. Run any gaming servers, for example, counter-strike, half-life and so forth.
  5. Participate in any document sharing/distributed exercises.
  6. Run solitary, unattended server-side procedures anytime on the server. This incorporates all daemons, for example, IRCD.
  7. Run any sort of web spider or indexer (counting Google Cash/AdSpy) on shared servers.
  8. Run any product that interfaces with an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) arrange.
  9. Run any piece deluge application, tracker, or customer. You may connect to legitimate downpours off-site, however may not host or store them on our common servers.
  10. When utilizing PHP incorporate capacities for including a local document, incorporate the local record as opposed to the URL.

While our mutual administrations are reasonable for the majority of our clients, there comes a period for a few sites when they are more qualified for a bigger arrangement, which considers more committed CPU and memory assets. We hold the privilege, in our sole attentiveness, to cease administration to any client with a site or other facilitated information that takes up over half of the server assets and/or half of the server's CPU.

This implies if your site is observed to be using over half of the CPU and memory of the administration, we maintain all authority to take your site disconnected. On the off chance that this winds up plainly important, you can either update your facilitating bundle, or demand a master evaluated discount of the sums you have paid ahead of time for the services. Because of the seriousness of this, and our capacity to act rapidly to adjust these circumstances to stay away from server issues, we will do everything sensibly doable to furnish you with a notice before taking your site disconnected, however we acknowledge no commitment to do as such.

8. Backup Policy:

Octahost offers Free of cost Backup Service to its common and affiliate web facilitating customers. We Offer Monthly reinforcements of our shared facilitating hubs to 1 month recuperation point so clients can reestablish the backup of their information from earlier month.

In the event that you are proprietor of a site facilitated on octahost servers, we unequivocally exhort you to keep your Daily backups. We do our reinforcements, however they are for our own wellbeing to protect information stay same, yet our reinforcements can fall flat or can be suspended briefly. So if there should be an occurrence of crisis, you can reestablish your backups.

For Shared Hosting, we exhort you to download your backup duplicate every day to your PC or to any Offsite FTP Server.

For VPS and Dedicated Server clients, we propose you to Setup some offsite reinforcement server with Backup Tools. Account termination time is of 3 days after Non-Payment. In the event that your installment is expected and you don't pay your contribution, your account will be terminated following 3 days consequently.

What's more, if there should be an occurrence of none installment, and your account stays terminated for 90 Days or More will be suspended totally from our servers and no reinforcements will be given following 90 days time of account termination.

9. Please Remember

We unequivocally prescribe the majority of our clients to do their backups of site records, database and mails to guarantee they have prepared access to their information in the occasion we have an equipment disappointment. In spite of the fact that we don't anticipate that anything like this will happen, we need you to be set up if it does. Octahost maintains whatever authority is needed to reexamine its policies whenever. We keep our Backups yet we don't certify of accessibility of our backups. Any information misfortune amid an equipment or assault disappointment is not the responsibility of octahost.

10. When the Services will be Available ?

We will endeavor to give the administrations 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for whatever length of time that you have paid for them. In some cases, for various reasons, the administrations might be inaccessible to you. You should perceive and recognize that because of the way of web facilitating innovation, infrequent inaccessibility of the administrations can't be kept away from. Hardware breakdowns can happen sometimes for which we attempt occasional support strategies or repairs at different circumstances. Still at different times, there are causes outside our ability to control like power cuts, interference or failure of media transmission or advanced transmission joints, antagonistic system assaults, network traffic and different events. We have not guaranteed to furnish you with uninterrupted administration.


All records are set up on a prepay premise. In spite of the fact that octahost maintains whatever authority is needed to change costs of records or administrations whenever all estimating is ensured for the time of prepayment. Installment is expected every commemoration year or month taking after the date the account was built up. Octahost maintains all authority to charge it's clients consequently again toward the finish of their prepay time period by means of Debit/Credit card installments and PayPal (Only if a PayPal membership has been made).

12. Billing Periods

Octahost charges on a month to month, semi annualy or yearly basis, contingent upon what alternative and plan has been chosen. Record and charging information will be sent to you after we have handled your request. Incite installment is important to guarantee continuous administration of your account.

13. Accounts Migration

Octahost offers costless cPanel to cPanel movement to our everything managed VPS and managed dedicated server customers. Free migrations can be asked for by means of client portal support section by submitting support ticket. cPanel or manual accounts transferred are not accessible costless. Administrator time cost is pertinent on manual accounts convection, or all manual work for a VPS/Server is chargeable according to octahost policy.

14. Payment

For Renewal, octahost must get your request by the start of your charging period. Every unpaid amount brought about amid time of services by octahost are liable to accumulation. Moreover, octahostost maintains all authority to suspend different services until the remarkable obligation is cleared. The client is in charge of all cash owed on the account from the time it was set up to the time that the client sends composed cancelation’s ask.

No bills or solicitations will be sent by customary mail. All solicitations will be sent straightforwardly to clients by means of email soon after the online buy has been made. All installments are in US$.

15. Cancellation of Account

Any ask for cancellations must be gotten directly by means of client and you'll get an affirmation upon the cancellation of your record. Cancellations via phone and casual email cancellations are not acknowledged.

Accommodation of the cancellation form does not consequently end the cancellation ask for your account might be past due or reprobate in which case the dues must be cleared before cancellation of a account can be conceivable. Area name exchanges, non-use, internal issues, ISP issues, or some other optional issues not straightforwardly identified with octahost's administrations does not authorize an account for cancellation. Clients are asked to ensure that they get a cancellation affirmation from octahost, demonstrating the conclusion of a domain as well as an account has been cleared.

16. Refunds

All Shared Web Hosting arranges incorporate 30 day money refund promise. On the off chance that you are disappointed with our administration and we couldn't give what we guaranteed, you will get a full refund if there should arise an occurrence of shared web facilitating administration only.

Any ask for cancellation must be gotten through the Client, and you will get an affirmation on the cancellation of your record. No discounts are accessible following 30 days.

If there should arise an occurrence of Free area Registration that are incorporated with shared web facilitating accompanies a setup expense which can't be discounted. The rest of the sum will be refunded as it were. There are no returns on Domain Names, VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Server Items.

17. Refunds are not pertinent on Following Items

  1. Dedicated Servers.
  2. Dedicated Servers Related Items as Extra IPs, Hard Drives, RAM Sticks, Cables, IPKVM/IPMI and all other relevant items.
  3. Control Panel and Paid Operating System Licenses.
  4. VPS Servers and Items.
  5. VPS Servers and Items.
  6. SSL Certificates, Domains, Dedicated IPs and other related Paid things that we offer costless with our administration.

18. Terms Violation

Accounts crossed out/ended by octahost for disregarding our Terms of Use don't entitle for the 30-day money back promise.

Client refund applications are to be sent by means of Client Area by presenting a ticket in 30 days from service buy date and may be handled in the instances of administration non-execution or debasement that may be brought about by octahost. Refund solicitations won't be acknowledged if it's asked for any cause that is out of octahost's side, For instance:

  1. Failure of any outsider projects that is not bolstered by octahost's.
  2. Customer's absence of experience managing web nuts and bolts and correspondence conventions.

19. Domain Policy

The expression "you" might elude to yourself. By going into this assention, exchanges enrolled into by you for your benefit, you additionally consent to be bound by the terms of this understanding for exchanges enrolled into for your sake by anybody going about as your Agent. You likewise consent to be bound by the terms of this assention for exchanges enrolled into by any individual who utilizes the account you've built up with octahost, regardless of whether the exchanges were for your benefit.

To finish the enlistment procedure, you should read this whole understanding, and in addition our question strategy and consent to be bound by every one of the terms and conditions. You recognize that octahost is an enlistment center bound by an assention amongst octahost and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”). You consent that octahost may adjust this understanding keeping in mind the end goal to consent to pertinent law and the terms and conditions put forward by ICANN.

20. Reimbursement

Client concurs that it might safeguard, reimburse, spare and hold octahost safe from all liabilities, misfortunes, expenses and claims, including sensible lawyer's charges stated against octahost, its specialists, its clients, officers and workers, that may emerge or result from any administration gave or performed or consented to be performed or any item sold by client, its operators, representatives or appoints. Client consents to shield, reimburse and hold octahost safe against liabilities emerging out of:

  1. Any damage to individual or property created by any items sold or generally circulated regarding octahost server.
  2. Any material provided by client encroaching or supposedly encroaching on the restrictive privileges of an outsider.
  3. Copyright encroachment.


Octahost won't be in charge of any harm your business may endure. Octahost makes no guarantees of any sort, communicated or suggested for administrations we give. Octahost repudiates any guarantee or merchantability or wellness for a specific reason. This incorporates loss of information coming about because of deferrals, non conveyances, wrong conveyance, and any administration intrusions brought about by octahost and its representatives. We firmly prescribe the majority of our clients to do their own particular reinforcements of site documents, database and mails to guarantee they have prepared access to their information in the occasion we ought to have an equipment failure. In spite of the fact that we don't anticipate that anything like this will happen, we need you to be set up if it does. Octahost maintains whatever authority is needed to refresh its policies whenever with no notice.

22. Website Optimization

By acquiring any common web facilitating and affiliated web facilitating plans, you approve octahost staff to introduce Lite Speed Word Press Cache module on your or your customers Word Press sites with no notice. Lite Speed Word Press Cache modules are introduced on Word Press sites facilitated on octahost servers to keep sites running speedier and to decrease server CPU and RAM utilization.You approve octahost to cleanse the junk envelope in File chief every 7 days.

23. Website Security

On the off chance that your site has been hacked, or our firewalls identifies a virus being transferred, you consent to permit Octahost server firewalls to terminate your site for security and examination at whatever point a virus is distinguished.

24. Octahost

Octahost likewise claims all authority to cross out your account inside 24 hours notice if an occasion happens in which legitimate proof exists that a client was uncommonly impolite or obscene in interchanges with our staff. By utilizing Octahost services you consent to the above terms of services.

Our services are 24/7 Avaliable

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